Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko Nature Reserve – An amazing one day trip.

Abuko Nature Reserve is one of the oldest and protected reserves in the Gambia. It’s a perfect place for bird watchers and animal enthusiasts. The evergreen forest gallery follows the course of the Lamin Stream and covers approximately 1/3 of the reserve area. Efforts are being concentrated on maintaining the bush trails, bird photo hides, the animal orphanage as well as the boundary to prevent encroachment by people and cattle. There are 3 pools in the reserve with the biggest being called the Bamboo Pool.

While it is modest in size at 105 hectares, it’s strong on biodiversity. Natural trails leads you through both forested and savanna habitats, and around 290 species of birds are on display. There are also four species of monkeys and several types of reptiles, including Nile crocodiles, as well as an on-site animal orphanage that rehabilitates monkeys, hyenas and birds. A mosquito repellent before you start your nature walk is highly recommended.