4 Tours in 1 Day Package

4 Tours in 1 Day Package.

This tour entails four major tours that are offered by other tours companies separately. Its not physically demanding as one may think, so we decided to do them in one day to provide our customers real value for the money that they pay to us.

It is not a constant drive the whole day. In every 30-45 minutes we do have a stop at a place of interest.This tour start with a visit to “KACHIKALLY” CROCODILE POOL. Come to learn the history of this Crocodiles and also the story of the fertility birth room. Specialty is that you can shake hand with Crocodile Charley before boarding our next tour.

We then proceed to Serre Kunda Market. We go through the market showing you some of the local product, produced and sold in the Gambia as well.

From there we then drive to ‘Lamin Lodge” to visit the main oyster collection point. And also to learn about it’s use in the community.

This time we are ready for some sight seeing. Which will take us into 15 small villages and hamlets in the west and south of the Gambia. Our aim is to show you the real Gambia and not tourist Gambia. We will stop in one of the villages along the way to see how the locals live as a social family. We also visit a school on our way during this tour.

Our next stop will be at the Paradise Beach. We will spend time there for a delicious lunch. Here you can also relax on free sun beds. Or go for a swim before getting ready for a drive to ‘TANJI”, the popular fishing center in the Gambia.

At this coastal fishers village you can see idyllic views how the fisher boats with their catch come. But also how the fish is being processed and preserved for exporting to other part of Africa.

From the smoke houses of Tanji we drive back to your hotel with sound memories of a beautiful day to remember.