Kunta Kinteh Island

Kunta Kinteh Island Tour – A fascinating travel back into the past.
Kunta Kinteh Island, formerly Fort James Island, is located in the Gambia River. In the ruins the cruel history of slavery is revealed. The island is 30 km from the river mouth near Juffureh. Fort James is located on the island.

We pick our guests up from the hotel. Followed with a 30 mins drive to Banjul sea port (capital city) where we take the ferry to Barra. From there we travel to visit “Albreda-Jufureh”. Which are the two most historical towns in the Gambia.

A visit to Kunta Kinteh Island is next. The island changed hands in the past from the Portuguese, the Dutch and then finally, the English. A 200 hundred years of history can be seen that give you an insight into what happened in those days. It is also a history that no one should be blame for. Because we were all involved, Europeans, Arabs and Africans alike. If you have read the book(ROOTS) or watch the movie then this trip is your chance to see it in reality.

Kunta Kinteh Island. Join us with a travel into the past